Mageister Lowe


Level 53 Zealot

Steel Empire

Personal Details

Mageister Lowe, Protected...

He is said to be a Zealot of 53rd level. Hailing from Ajendra Chapter in the Steel Empire, he is said to have shoulder length hair, hazel eyes and tanned skin. His athletic figure, proudly displaying his beard has been sighted rushing into battle with a friendly warcry.

When girded for battle, he is known to wield his Assortment of Deadly Eternium Weapons (Good), and is arrayed in his Undeniable Proclamations of Divine Protection (Decent) and Commissioned Starsteel Armor (Good). Foes are said to wither before the might of his Sanctioned Crusade of the Emperor's Will.

Mageister Lowe was born under the sign of The Secure Shield. This star sign is part of the Prosperity Phase and the Creation Aspect.

Mageister Lowe is currently sober.

Mageister Lowe is ranked 41st among those born under The Secure Shield.

Mageister Lowe is ranked 20th among Zealots.

  • 7,747,646 Total XP
  • 2,935,249 Gold


Mageister Lowe has the following advantages:

  • Banner of Exploration

    Banner of Exploration

    "Yes, this is a fertile land. We will rule over it... and we shall call it... This Land."

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